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Babywearing is a super useful parenting tool. Not only is it good for your baby but it helps you out too. Babywearing is an amazing tool for partners, dads, grandparents, and babysitters as well! 

It can take a little practice at first for you and your baby to get used to it, but trust me, it’s worth the effort. 

Keep calm and babywear on mama!

Wild World Mama - Why Babywear.

1. Free Hands

Babywearing can give you 2 free hands to get things done when your baby refuses to be put down.

Wild World Mama Why Babywear

2. Calm Baby

Babies love being near mama. Hearing their mother’s heartbeat while they sleep and skin-to-skin contact can help regulate baby’s temperature. Babies who are held tend to cry less.

3. Multiple Children

Babywearing can help when you have multiple children. So you can tend to baby and your other children. 

Wild World Mama Why Babywear

4. Learning

Because babies cry less when they are carried, they are in a calmer state of mind and can more easily focus and take in their surroundings. Basically helping your baby learn.

Wild World Mama Why Babywear

5. Frequent Nursing

It can help you as a parent when baby is cluster feeding or wanting to nurse frequently. Just throw baby in the carrier and breastfeed as long as they want!

Wild World Mama Why Babywear

6. Soothing

It can help soothe baby to sleep when nothing else works. Especially when baby is with another person besides mom and doesn’t have the option to nurse.

Wild World Mama Why Babywear

7. Sensory Processing

Babywearing can help children with sensory processing challenges or children who get overwhelmed or overstimulated easily. 

Wild World Mama Why Babywear

8. Pet Safety

Have rowdy pets? Keep baby safe by wearing them! No need to worry about your furry family members hitting the baby swing while baby’s in it or bothering baby when on the floor.

9. Errands

It keeps your child contained when running errands. You don’t have to worry about them running around, potentially getting lost, or pulling things off the shelves.

Wild World Mama Why Babywear

10. Secure and Safe

Can be an amazing tool for keeping your child calm and feeling safe when in unfamiliar environments.

Are you convinced? 

Babywearing has many benefits beyond these 10 reasons. If you have the option to babywear, try it out and see how it can positively impact your life during those early weeks, months, and years. Learn more about different babywearing options here.


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