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Below are some birth affirmations I’ve created for you to use for FREE. Feel free to Pin them to your Pinterest board or any other social media outlet, save to your computer or phone for everyday reminders during labor relaxation practices.

Take and print ones that speak to you the most! Use the ones that you personally might find most helpful when labor gets tough. Only requirement is that these cannot be altered or sold. Please enjoy, please share!!

What is a birth affirmation?

A birth affirmation is basically something a birthing mother can use to focus on during labor. They can give reassurance and comfort, be a reminder of personal goals, or give encouragement. It can be a tool to keep your head in a good place during labor. Many mamas hang their affirmations on the wall in their birthing space. 

Why are birth affirmations helpful?

It’s a helpful point of mental focus or visualization during the challenging parts of labor. A lot of labor requires you to pull deep from within yourself. Reminders of your strength, the task at hand, can help your refocus when things get tough. 

Beautiful imagery and encouraging words is something all women should be surrounded with during the labor and birth of their child.


You can do anything for 2 minutes

Each surge brings my baby closer to me

Surrender to your body

I trust in my ability to birth my baby

My body was made for this

The power and intensity of your contractions cannot be stronger than you, because it is you.

There is not force equal to that of a determined woman

This is tough and I can do this!

I peacefully and calmly release to meet my baby.

Each contraction is progress. 

I am powerful. I will roar my baby into this world!

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