Who I Am

I’m a mother, wife, professional graphic designer, Certified Birth Boot Camp Instructor and DONA-Trained Birth Doula.

I’m passionate about childbirth education, women’s rights and empowerment. I’m a Mama to 2 young children (a daughter and a son), 2 goof ball German Shepherds, and a not-so-little grey kitty.

After taking my own giant leap into the wild world of motherhood I’ve learned so much about myself. An incredible passion for all things birth has blossomed through my own personal births and life experiences!

During my own transition into parenthood, I have learned a lot and stumbled upon a ton of helpful information, some I wish was available to me before my first child. I’ve made mistakes and learned. There’s been many ups and downs, I am so grateful for my challenges as they have taught me so much! I continue to learn every single day.

Why Wild World Mama?

I’ve realized there is so much fear and misinformation surrounding women and childbirth in America. The maternity care system in America is unfortunately very broken, lots of things happening that shouldn’t be. I want to do my small part to try and change things for the better from the ground up, that starts with education and advocacy.

My hopes with Wild World Mama is to remind women of their innate wisdom as birthing people and the tremendous power that can be tapped into through the transformative act of childbirth. To help families find their voice and be empowered by their own decisions not only in pregnancy and childbirth but into parenting as well!

Not everyone will agree with all the information I share and that’s ok! There is no one right decision for all families and all situations. Take what you need, leave what you don’t! My main goal is to provide information to new parents so they can be empowered to do their own continued research, then make decisions that are a good fit for their own family situations. Informed decisions are so important!

All of the Mama Designer Shop products were designed by yours truly. I tried to create simple, fun designs for mothers and birth professionals. I love this wild world of Motherhood and designing so I naturally combined the two!

I hope you enjoy, learn some things, get reassurance and comfort with some of this information! My hopes are to help inform, support, and help other Mamas like you empower themselves!

Pregnancy, birth, and motherhood can be really tough! It is also, no doubt one of the most rewarding things in the entire world! Know that you’ve totally got this!

Much Love,

Kristen Mantell

Kristen Mantell, BBCI
Owner of Wild World Mama, LLC
Certified Birth Boot Camp Instructor and DONA-Trained Birth Doula


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