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Hi there! I’m Kristen Mantell, BBCI. I’m a married mama of 2 young children, 2 goofball German Shepherds, and a not-so-little grey house cat. I’m incredibly passionate about childbirth education, women’s rights and empowerment. 

After taking my own giant leap into the wild world of motherhood I’ve learned so much about myself. An incredible passion for all things “birth” has blossomed through my own personal birth and life experiences!

I’m a Certified Birth Boot Camp Instructor and DONA-Trained Birth Doula. I currently offer a variety of childbirth preparation classes and workshops as well as professional graphic design services for birth and wellness professionals. 



I’ve realized there is so much fear and misinformation surrounding women and childbirth in America. The maternity care system in America is unfortunately very broken, lots of things happening that shouldn’t be. I want to do my small part to try and change things for the better from the ground up, that starts with empowerment through education and advocacy.

My hopes with Wild World Mama is to remind women of their innate wisdom as birthing people and the tremendous power that can be tapped into through the transformative act of childbirth. To help families find their voice and be empowered by their own decisions not only in pregnancy and childbirth but into parenting as well!

My goal with Wild World Mama is to utilize my design skillset (10+ years experience in professional graphic design), coupled with my passion for birth and women’s rights, to help create change in a broken maternity care system in America by 1). informing and empowering the consumer (new mamas) and 2). supporting the change drivers (the birth and wellness professionals) so they can expand their own reach with a quality and effective brand image.

Not everyone will agree with all the information I share and that’s ok! There is no one right decision for all families and all situations. Take what you need, leave what you don’t! My main goal is to provide information to new parents so they can be informed on their options and empowered to do their own continued research. That way every mama can be confident enough to make informed decisions that are a good fit for their own personal situations. 

Information can empower you. Is 1 way of giving birth right for all mamas? Nope! Is an informed birth the right choice for every single mama? ABSOLUTELY. That’s why I got into childbirth education. So I can do my small part to help mamas be more prepared and informed to hopefully lessen fear, trauma, and any avoidable harm surrounding birth. 

I hope you enjoy, learn some things, get reassurance and comfort with some of this information! My hopes are to inform, support, and help other Mamas like you empower themselves!

Pregnancy, birth, and motherhood can be really tough! It is also, no doubt one of the most rewarding things in the entire world! Know that you’ve totally got this mama! 

Much Love,

Kristen Mantell, BBCI
Owner of Wild World Mama, LLC
Certified Birth Boot Camp Instructor and DONA-Trained Birth Doula

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Together we can drive change.

Childbirth Education.

I offer a bunch of Birth Boot Camp Childbirth Preparation Classes & Workshops! When you are prepared for childbirth and informed on your options you will set yourself up to have a beautiful and empowering pregnancy, birth, and postpartum! When mamas like you are empowered to demand better care we all benefit!

Graphic Design Services for Birth & Wellness Professionals.

Are you a birth worker or in the wellness industry? I'm a professional graphic designer with over 10+ years experience. Let me use my design expertise to help increase your own reach to mamas and mamas-to-be by providing professional design so your brand message can be communicated in a beautiful and effective way! I want to help you in your efforts towards improving maternity care.

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