If you are in the business of  improving pregnancy, birth, or postpartum  I’m here to support YOU!

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I’m Kristen Mantell, professional graphic designer & website developer turned birth worker (childbirth educator & birth doula). 

I’m applying my 10+ years of design & website expertise as well as my knowledge of business marketing to help support you within your birth business.

Stop spinning your wheels in no clear direction or spending countless hours on DIY options that end up less than what you’d hoped for 🙁

I provide custom branding (logos), custom WordPress websites as well as ongoing tech support, hosting, and maintenance. I help with mindset support, provide guidance, and design beautiful custom marketing materials to help support your efforts in business.

With a little help from Wild World Mama you can:

  • Get back your time.
  • Reduce your stress.
  • Attract more clients!
  • Gain clarity.
  • Gain confidence.
  • Improve more lives.

I know your message. I know the mountains we face. Together we can help improve maternity care in America by informing, supporting, and empowering one family at a time.

Get Your FREE Digital Marketing Strategy Guide.


Free Digital Marketing Strategy Guide for Birth Workers - Wild World Mama

Get Your FREE Digital Marketing Strategy Guide for Birth Workers.

With a BONUS workbook to help plan your whole year!

why wild world mama
Maternity care is broken in America, but you already know that!
I’m here to support the efforts of the ones improving birth so they can reach more mamas!
 By providing professional graphic design and website development services for birth & wellness professionals. You know the nitty-gritty stuff that induces all that stress? I’m here to take that load off your shoulders.
As a birth advocate, doula, childbirth educator, and mother myself, I know your message. I know the mountains we face. I just so happen to be a professional graphic designer with 10+ years experience. After a little creativity, I’ve figured out a way to apply my unique skillset to towards a topic I’m deeply passionate about, birth!
When you have legit, professionally designed materials it can help you more effectively communicate your overall message and the incredible value you offer to your local community.
Having a professional looking brand can help you look credible, trustworthy, high-quality, and competitive next to those high-budget, corporate medical brands you’re so inconveniently propped up next to at those birth & wellness events. I want you to leave an amazing first impression, so those mamas who need your services the most are more likely to hire you!
My thoughts are, when you are able to reach more birthing people, we can all be more informed, supported, and empowered with the help of the services you offer. When we are more informed and supported, us mamas can demand better as consumers of maternity care. If our reach is wide enough and our collective voice becomes loud enough, the business of birth will eventually have to bend to meet the demands of that newly informed, supported, and empowered consumer, us mamas.
When enough of us say “enough” we mamas can then start to take back birth. We can have better pregnancies, births, and postpartums. We can reduce avoidable harm and trauma surrounding that monumental time in life.
That is my vision and my why for Wild World Mama.
Together we can work towards a better future for all birthing people, babies, and families.
Because birth matters. Because mamas matter.

Keep improving birth & have more time with the ones you love.


I’m here to help make your life a little easier. Breathe, smile, repeat! Stop with the added stress and wasting so much time with all the nitty gritty design and website stuff! Spend that extra time not only improving birth for every incredible mama you reach but also spend it with the people who matter the most, your family. I’ve got your back!

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A vital piece to improving birth, one mama at a time.

Know your options, have a better, safer birth.

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Get your FREE digital Marketing guide for Birth workers!

With BONUS workbook to plan the whole year!

Free Digital Marketing Strategy Guide for Birth Workers - Wild World Mama